Cuvée White


The composition of the cuvée is known in France as the assemblage. This means either the common pressing or also the fermentation of different grape varieties in a fermentation tank for the production of wine, or the subsequent combination of batches of wine of different grape varieties or locations.

The wine obtained in this way is called Cuvée. For the perfect cuvée, specially selected wines are blended with each other.

For newcomers in the field of “de-alcoholized wines” our Carl Jung Cuvée Weiss is the ideal wine for beginners.

It presents itself with a harmonious acidity, discrete fruit and with hints of melon and grapefruit. He makes a fine figure in almost any dish.
This de-alcoholized wine has only 24.2 Kcal per glass (100ml) and therefore has considerably less calories than traditional wines. We always have a couple of bottles standing cold, in case the visitor comes by car. It tastes best at 6-8°C.

Origin: EU












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