Cuvée Red


The composition of the cuvée is known in France as the assemblage. This means either the common pressing or also the fermentation of different grape varieties in a fermentation tank for the production of wine, or the subsequent combination of batches of wine of different grape varieties or locations.

The wine obtained in this way is called Cuvée. For the perfect cuvée, specially selected wines are blended with each other. Whoever simply likes to drink red wine and is looking for an de-alcoholized alternative will find our Carl Jung Cuvée Red the perfect companion. The Cuvée presents itself as spicy, with harmonious acidity, strong tannins and a dark colour.

Cuvée red is not only excellent with roasts and steaks, but also gives many dishes the right touch – from Boeuf à la Mode to Coq au Vin. With chocolate & co, this de-alcoholized red wine can also be combined excellently. With about 24.9 calories per glass (100ml) Carl Jung Cuvée Red contains much fewer calories than a normal red wine and with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume it is optimal for everyone, especially those who want to get sober and barbecue.

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