Cuvée dry


The composition of the cuvée is known in France as the assemblage. This means either the common pressing or also the fermentation of different grape varieties in a fermentation tank for the production of wine, or the subsequent combination of batches of wine of different grape varieties or locations.

The wine obtained in this way is called Cuvée. For the perfect cuvée, specially selected wines are blended with each other.

Our de-alcoholized Carl Jung Cuvée dry is made from selected wines that are suitable for de-alcoholisation.

This dry, de-alcoholized white wine shows itself with aromas of green apples and gooseberries.
Because of its refreshing acidity, it can be can be consumed very well as wine spritzer.
And if you would like to serve a non-alcoholic wine cocktail, you can do so with our Carl Jung Cuvée dry, the perfect base wine.

Kcal: 5.7 / 100 ml
Origin: EU

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