Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of red wines. It has unusually small berries with a thicker peel, which results in more colourful solids and less clear juice.

Many dark skins lead to more colour, aromas and tannins in red wines, so that these characteristics are very pronounced in Cabernet Sauvignon wines, especially when made from first-class, low-yield locations. Whether in the cold or warm season, there is always an occasion for a good glass red wine.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruity and fresh de-alcoholized red wine. It is beery and harmonious with aromas of cassis, strong tannins, elegant acidity and a pleasantly long finish.

It is particularly delicious with grilled dishes and can be combined with lamb. This wine has only 19.4 Kcal per glass (100ml) and significantly less calories than traditional wines.

A nice wine for all those who would like to do without alcohol. We always have a few bottles ready, it tastes best at 10°C.

Country of origin: Spain














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