Organic Mousseux


The main characteristic of ecologically produced wines is the absence of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. The aim is not just to produce a quality wine, but to produce high-quality and tasty wine.

Rather the holistic protection of the vineyard and ecosystem and the strengthening of the vines is the centre of efforts of organic winegrowers. We have a new favourite sparkling wine! Our classic Carl Jung Mousseux is available now also in best organic quality and it is exactly the right choice for sparkling wine lovers who appreciate especially dry enjoyment.


This de-alcoholized sparkling wine made from organic wines has long, fine pearls, subtle fragrance, spicy harmonious character and freshness. It is the ideal sparkling wine for festive occasions and special moments.
With only 17.2 Kcal per glass (100ml) it contains significantly fewer calories than ordinary sparkling wine and is no less festive. Also optimal if you still want to drive or are pregnant.
It is best enjoyed at a refreshing 6-8° C.

Country of origin: Spain













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