Merlot Organic


In the production of organic wine, we take great care of our environment. We do not want to interfere too much with nature and do not want to harm the natural habitat.

The Merlot variety produces fruity and full-bodied wines, which after a few years of storage are ready for consumption. It is the second most frequently cultivated grape variety in the world and originates from Bordeaux in France but has now spread all over the world.

The Merlot is appreciated by many wine connoisseurs for its soft tannins and low acidity wines. The ruby red colour, its fine aroma, which is reminiscent of blackberry, a fine tannin- structure and the typical Merlot bouquet raise the heart of every red wine lover.
It is spicy and harmonious and therefore the perfect de-alcoholized choice for pasta, red meat and grilled dishes or even a spicy cheese.
With approx. 22.9 calories per glass (100ml) Carl Jung Merlot contains much fewer calories than a normal red wine and with less than 0,5 % volume of alcohol, it is optimal for those who, after a great dinner still want to go home with a clear conscience. Even if it’s by bike.
The ideal drinking temperature is 10°C.

Country of origin: Spain
















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