Organic Chardonnay


The main characteristic of ecologically produced wines is the absence of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. The aim is not just to produce a quality wine, but to produce high-quality and tasty wine.

Rather the holistic protection of the vineyard and ecosystem and the strengthening of the vines is the centre of efforts of organic winegrowers. No other grape can compete with Chardonnay in terms of popularity. It delivers some of the fullest, most powerful white wines in the world, without losing any of its finesse.

The vine can adapt well to different climates, which is why each wine country always has something to offer. Our light, tangy Carl Jung Chardonnay in organic quality comes from the middle of Spain and presents itself with a delicate aroma of citrus and subtle green apple.
Its fine fruity, dry note remains on the tongue for a long time and makes this de-alcoholized organic white wine is a delicious accompaniment to fish, white meat or the vegetarian variety of Asian and Indian cuisine.
Ideal drinking temperature: 6-8°C. With only 18 Kcal per glass (100ml) you can also drink a second or third glass with dinner.

Country of origin: Spain
















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